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Meminto is your digital asset and legacy manager. It will quietly verify your life status – just like a dead man’s switch – and deliver everything you’ve prepared in case of unexpected occasions and death.

Leave messages like videos and information directly from your smartphone or simply create your own biography.

How it works.

Learn more about Meminto.

Securely store important information, record some last messages or start creating your own biography: Meminto will do the rest when you can’t anymore.

Regular Life Checks

You know, just to be sure you’re okay.

Meminto Chest. Or a safe.

Your life is precious. Your memories are a treasure.
Keep it safe.

Life Story

Every day is a new page in your book. Hand it over some day.

P.S. I love you

Oh, those famous last words. Now you’re in control.

More safety. 

For yourself or needy relatives.

Easily connect your family and friends to the Meminto social network. If anything happens to them, you’ll get informed and are able to help faster then ever.

Get prepped for it!

Soon, you’ll have your memories, important account or company data and your whole life story in your pocket, ready to be handed over some day to people you trust. Schedule messages for the special event of your child, if you can’t be there anymore by yourself. Share your moments with friends and fill up your Meminto chest with memories.

Stay safe out there – and always know, that your loved ones are, too.

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Say hello memories@meminto.com

or access closed beta (German only)